3-18×42 35mm SFP SF MOA/MOA Tactical Illuminated MP-8 Dot, VRM or HR-5 Reticules

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The 3-18×42 SF 35mm Tactical is Valdada’s best all-time seller. The scope features a near perfect magnification range and compact size (13.5 inches long). Introduced in 2004, this model offered a 6x zoom ratio long before any of our European competitors even dreamed about this revolutionary optical design. This scope can sit ultra low on a 1.250 shank heavy barrel bolt gun, making a very compact package. Illuminated MP-8 dot, HR-5 or VRM reticules sync MOA/MOA @ 18x. Side focus, new exposed knobs with zero reset, new ocular design and sunshade, this scope is used by real operators and snipers every day. The new oversized exposed tactical knobs, offer 25 MOA of adjustment in 1/4 MOA clicks (100 clicks) in one complete turn. Every scope comes with a set of 35mm HD premium tactical or QD rings of your choice, included in the price! Use Low rings on bolt action rifles, medium rings on AR 10’s and FN-FAL’s and high rings on AR Flat tops.

Диаметър тубус35mm
Click Value1/4 MOA
Диаметър на обектива42mm
Увеличение3 – 18


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