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This First Focal Plane was first made in late 2007 as a special request. It is similar to our standard 3-18 x 42 but the reticule is a Modified MP-8 dot with an extra 5 mils at the bottom. The scope features 1cm click value (0.1 mrad) and it has 22 milradians of elevation adjustment total. The side focus knob is very nice size, easy to access and to adjust with precision. New tactical knobs offer 10 mrads of adjustment in one revolution. That translates into 100 clicks of 0,1 mrad each, for one complete knob rotation. HD Premium tactical or QD rings of your choice are included in the price.

Use Low rings for bolt action rifles, medium rings for AR 10’s and FN-FAL’s, high rings for AR Flat tops.

Увеличение2.5 -15
Диаметър на обектива42mm
Click Value0.1 MRAD/10mm
Диаметър тубус35mm


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