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Classic, best seller 30mm tactical scope has been updated for 2011 and features: New exposed turrets in 0.1 MRAD clicks, 100 clicks (10 Mil) per knob revolution, and a total travel of 21.5 mils. Secondary point of impact indicator and zero stop function. Illuminated MP-8 dot reticule to range at 14x (max. power) and has new low brightness settings for dim light and NV use. New ocular design, with an amazing field of view and long eyerelief. New magnification ring with cattail for easy rotation. Side focus, large exposed knobs and sunshade remain standard. The illuminated MP-8 dot reticule in this model, is the most copied reticule on the market because of it’s ease of use and precision. We introduced the original MP-8 reticule in 1995 and has been the most popular ever since. This new 4-14×50 scope is packed with quality features and the best glass available anywhere at any price. Outstanding value !

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