4-14×56 30mm Hunting Scope Illuminated HR-5 Ranging Reticle – Valdada Optics

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The new 4-14×56 Hunting scope model is the optimum Long range, low light optic. It offers a huge field of view and a very nice eyerelief at all power levels, to give the shooter maximum confidence when pounding the big, hard kicking calibers. The new HR-5 reticule is quickly becoming the best long range hunting reticule available. You almost have to laugh at some other designs floating around because they really don’t offer much more than a bunch of lines. Our HR-5 reticule features an illuminated center dot (red), 5 mils of holdover or ranging lines in 1/2 Mil increments, and a 24″ telemetrical style scale that is great for big game out to 800yds. Low profile knobs with protective caps, 1/4 minute clicks and 56mm objective lens , makes for a deadly combination.

Увеличение4 – 16
Диаметър на обектива56mm
Click Value1/4 MOA
Диаметър тубус30mm


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